Running: measuring is knowing!

The pre-Garmin era

There was a time when I did my laps and had no idea of ​​speed and distance. It was then a tactic to look at the clock when I left, to run outside quickly, and on my return straight to the clock to see how long it took me.

Just to be sure, I subtracted a few minutes from the time because I had to leave the room all the way out and on the way back all the way in and that of course was not in the kilometers I had drawn in Google Maps.

In short; I had no idea.

Measuring is knowing

My sweetheart found all those super fast times quite suspicious of me and a few years ago I received my first Garmin forerunner from him. And what do you think? I didn’t go that fast at all! And not that far at all! The lap that I thought was 10 km for years was only 8.9! At first I just blamed the watch but yes, GPS does not lie of course. When I realized that it was GAME ON.

We will see that again!

Every round of running literally turned into a race against the clock. I ran match after match against my own watch. Just as long until I could really walk the times and distances that I always talked about. Once I defeated my Garmin, we became good friends. I really can’t live without it anymore.

The Garmin era

I now have a Garmin Forerunner 410, a beast of a watch, but a loyal friend who measures everything that can be measured. During an interval training he encourages me to reach the desired speed and heart rate and during calm laps he helps to keep my pace down. But there are also those super beautiful evenings that I don’t look at the clock at all. I am very happy when I see 15km in 1:15 when I get home …. okay … and 42 seconds, but a bit of smuggling is still allowed, right?