On Raising Children

The future lies in the hands of the youth today. That is why we should do our best to mold them to be the best persons that they can be. We give them all the love and affection that they deserve. We spend quality time with them. There is no better investment than the time we spend with children. We do our best to model good behavior because they look up to us. We put them to school so that they can learn more things about the world and about themselves. We allow them to explore the world little by little so that they can discover new things. Each discovery brings new knowledge. We take good care of their health and protect them from all dangers. We provide a safe environment for them. We allow them to play because play is important to them. We provide for all their needs because they depend on us. We teach them important values in life. They need all these things to give them a fighting chance at life, so that they have the tools that they need to win the important battles that they will face, so that they can stand on their own feet and live a life worth living.

This is the ideal scenario – that each child will be provided with all that he or she needs. That each child will grow up within a caring and nurturing environment. That they would be protected from any kind of harm. That they would be free of any disease, illness, pain, and hurts. That they will be loved, cared for, and kept safe at all times. After all, we are raising compassionate and decent human beings. We are raising the next generation of leaders of this country. We are raising the future.