Lot of running crazy

“What kind of strange thing is that?” I regularly wonder .. why does running competitions cause so much stress that I would rather leave it. I travel so many kilometers a week that I am almost always on the alert for a marathon.

Bad sleeping

I enjoy every workout and can’t wait to put on my running shoes after a day’s work. But as soon as it has to be in competition, something strange happens to me. Bad sleep, terrorizing my environment and more of those inconveniences.

talking about beet juice

A pity, because those competitions also have a nice side; you are with a lot of like-minded people with whom you can talk endlessly about … running! And we can do that …, endless talk about beet juice and whether or not you go faster, clothing, food before, during and after walking, injuries, how to get rid of it as quickly as possible and, not unimportantly, how to prevent them. So actually you should be able to walk with a lot of running idiots, without stress and competitive element in a beautiful environment such as the Utrechtse Heuvelrug … Is that possible?

The Galgenberg marathon!

Hell yes! During the Galgenberg marathon! The motto ‘together, home together’ allows you to run for 42 km through a forest without having to go all the way. People walk in groups and everyone is classified by speed. I was assigned to group 2 this year, but due to uncertainty about a pinch in my leg I switched to the slightly slower group 3 in the morning, with the result that it actually went a little too slowly for me. So next year I will start in group 2. I can handle a little challenge without stress.

Tight organization

This marathon is organized every spring (this year for the 8 th time) by a group of super enthusiastic runners from Loopendaal Veenendaal. Saturday March 15th i the second e competed once this fine marathon. Every 7 km there is a kind of (fast) running buffet with ‘fuel’ (gingerbread, muesli bars, water, tea, chips, liquorice, banana, etc.). The tight organization is entirely in the hands of volunteers who do everything in their power to give the runners an unforgettable day.