Sex toys: Amazing results possible? Read on!

Please keep in mind that some are expensive and have a high cost/value ratio. Some have high price/quality ratios as well. If you find a good sex toy on this page, you can find many on Amazon for less than $

I like to give these reviews a short time frame (e.g., two weeks or less). That way you can try them out and see if they are right for you. Some people need more time to see how they will fit in with their sexual needs. I don't want to have to give people their money back for no good reason, so I usually give a few days to get some feedback from people before I make a decision. Before buying a sex toy, try to decide if you want to keep it or take it off when you are ready to be a couple. Some things are more like a "pre-purchase" than a "purchase" - they are a little bit like "purchased, but not ordered yet". Sex toys are like any other consumer product. There are a lot of people who buy sex toys, but never use them or have a problem with it. That means you might be interested in buying a sex toy and be surprised when you find out it isn't the "thing" you thought it would be.

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As soon as the conversation turns to satisfaction, you usually hear about Spankadoo - why? If you s...