We interviewed the Program Manager of Bridge, Ms. Roshanda Johnson, and she shares with us her inspiration and challenges as she continues to help shape young minds into future leaders of our nation.

Q: What made you choose a career in social work?

A: It is a vocation for me. I used to work in an accounting firm, in the corporate world. You could say that I was successful at my field back then and was climbing the corporate ladder. But I guess that was not my destiny. Our company had a Corporate Social Responsibility Program involving the abandoned kids and I was moved by their situation. I kept crying when I was there because I could not bear the thought that they did not have families to shower them with love and affection. I could not sleep at night. That was when I decided to tender my resignation. I started volunteering and studied Social Work at the same time so that I would really know what to do with their cases.

Q: Wow! That was a complete change of career path. What were the challenges that you experienced along the way?

A: I have been through a lot. It was not that simple. I thought if you just had the willingness to serve these little children, then you would be okay. But it was not like that at all. You cannot make decisions on your own. You have to consider what was good for the whole bunch of kids. There were many times when I felt I wasn’t doing enough and that I was failing them. Then, there’s the operational side of the foundation like how to manage the funds, look for sponsors, link with other groups, and so on. Each day brings with it its own set of challenges but we are able to overcome them day by day.