A Vision for Our Children, A Vision for the World

All parents wish for the best for their children. That is why they work really hard to provide for all their needs. Aside from this,  they make sure that they shower their children will all the love in the world. Children who grow up in this nurturing environment are fortunate indeed. But what if the children’s parents are not there for their kids? What if they cannot provide for the needs of their children? What if they are not physically, emotionally, and mentally able to nurture their children? What if they are addicted to drugs and alcohol and put their children in danger? What if they are serving their time in prison? What happens to the children especially if there are no relatives to look after them? Who will nurture these children? Do we let them live in the streets? Do we let them stay in an abusive family? Do we let them die of hunger? Of course not. Children deserve to be loved and cared for no matter what. We need to step in and do something about it. That is what THE BRIDGE is here for. We are here to give love and care for the children whose families can no longer provide for their needs.

The BRIDGE believes that the future lies on the hands of our children and youth. These are the next generation of leaders of our nation. That is why we should exert all our efforts to provide them with all their needs during this crucial formative stage of their lives. The BRIDGE does not just operate on a needs-based approach. We firmly advocate the rights of children and the youth. Each and every child has the right to life, to grow, to participate in the community they live in, and to be given opportunities to hone and meet their full potential. This is regardless of a child’s race, religion, or gender.

The BRIDGE started by meeting some members of the youth sector in Jacksonville. They were able to participate in the planning workshop that took place inside the garage doors in Florida. This spurred an initiative to engage other youth in the community to join them especially those who were from low-income families and those considered at-risk youth. The BRIDGE team helped in facilitating meetings and planning sessions with the youth group. The meetings served as a jump-off point for the organization. The participants of the meetings agreed that they should plan for more activities for the youth and the programs should be holistic. The youth would be given an opportunity to develop their cognitive and leadership skills side from the formation sessions for values, social, and emotional development.

Since then, The BRIDGE has grown to serve more at-risk youth and provide them with the tools they need to be successful in life. They are given different opportunities to pursue their passion and interests. They are made to believe in themselves and in their worth. They are given the key to the future.