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The Bridge at Southwind Villas

The Bridge at Southwind Villas is located at the Southwind Villas Housing Community. This housing community is considered a “high poverty pocket,” which is located in a more affluent zip code on Jacksonville's Southside. The Bridge at Southwind Villas provides critical educational, social, nutritional and cultural enrichment services to the children ages 6-18 and their families living in this community. 

The program goal is to develop the strengths and assets of at-risk youth living in a public housing complex by helping them avoid teen pregnancy and truancy as well as improve achievement scores in reading and math. Our program aims to increase the number of students promoted to the next grade and provides enrichment activities to help children avoid negative behaviors.  

Southwind Villas serves an average of 85 students and connects them to opportunities outside their community and assisting them in graduating from high school and pursuing higher education.