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Paving the Road to Success

Tipping the Scale

Tipping the Scale mentoring program is a successful corporate-based hospital partnership between Baptist Health and The Bridge. Tipping the Scale offers year round mentors at Baptist Health or UF Health. Students enter the program in the 9th grade and are matched with his/her mentor who is employed at either hospital. This program requires its participants to meet bi-weekly and engage in open forum sessions on spirituality and communication. 

As a dropout alternative, The Bridge links classroom learning with "real world" work experiences. Bridge students participate in job skills training classes, which address public speaking, financial literacy and general professionalism. The primary focus of the Tipping the Scale program focuses on job readiness, which prepares students for day to day hands-on employment. Students who successfully pass the job readiness courses earn a summer internship opportunity at Baptist Health or UF Health. 

JEA Mentoring Program

The JEA Mentoring Program specifically serves 8th grade students. These students are not only provided bi-weekly one-on-one mentoring by a JEA empoyee, but also provided with life skills and communications training sessions, in addition to, the "Job Readiness Program" offered through the "Tipping the Scale" program. 


BridgeWorks is a highly successful job skills and employment program for low-income youth between the ages of 14 and 18.

BridgeWorks participants grow and learn through:

  • Employment Training
  • Job Shadowing
  • Afterschool Tutoring
  • College and Career Tours
  • Internships and Work Experience

The BridgeWorks program serves as an alternative to dropping out of school by providing case management, academic assistance, college field trips, job readiness courses, employability interest surveys, career tours and summer employment internships. Public partners support this innovative dropout prevention program and includes CareerSource and The Jim Moran Foundation. 

Meet Roxanne:

Sometimes all a young woman needs to grow and blossom is kindness and direction from a caring adult. Roxanne got that from Bridge staff when she came to The Bridge Urban Springfield program. With help, she developed from a withdrawn young teen to the college graduate and career woman that she is today.

Personal struggles including the death of a close family member contributed to Roxanne’s social isolation. Staff recognized her need for guidance and assigned her a mentor. Board Member Mary Burt took Roxanne under her wing.

Roxanne set her sights on a college education, participating in college tours and learned about the costs of a college education. She earned her first job at The Bridge summer camp and later became the Bridge receptionist after school.

She got involved with Bridge Straight Talk, a sexuality health education program funded by The Jaguar Foundation. As a peer educator with other Bridge students, she conducted outreach programs in the community, spreading the word about responsible choices and health. Roxanne also represented The Bridge Straight Talk program at two national Ryan White conferences in Dallas and Washington D.C.

Roxanne was admitted to Bethune Cookman University. With the encouragement and guidance of her mentor, Mary Burt, Roxanne graduated in May 2011, with a degree in criminal justice and currently works in the juvenile justice field.