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Intensive Case Management

As a part of The Bridge’s holistic model, Intensive Case Management is a critical component of The Bridge program. Youth Development Specialists and Family Support Workers closely monitor Bridge children and teens by conducting school and home visits. The case managers also monitor the student's academic progress and their family’s financial and basic needs.

Bridge Connection I

Bridge Connection I is an intensive case management program focused on some of the most challenged families among The Bridge client population. Students between the ages of  9-15 qualify for the program. Other requirements include free lunch program and at least one of the following:

  • Child abuse or neglect
  • High rate of school absenteeism
  • Lives with one parent or neither
  • Homeless
  • In foster care
  • A runaway
  • Deficient in basic literacy
  • Sibling of a pregnant or parenting teen
  • Has been suspended or is a youth offender

Bridge Connection I offers students from these challenged families many forms of support to improve self-esteem and decision making skills. These services include:  pregnancy prevention and sexuality education; individual and group counseling, school monitoring and advocacy, parent education classes, etc. Health services like medical, dental and eye exams are handled through referrals.

Youth Development Specialists refer families to services to help improve relationships and ensure productive use of children’s out-of-school time. The specialists monitor child/parent activities through frequent home and school visits. Students are encouraged to participate in after - school programs including programs at their neighborhood schools. Academic improvement is required and students are pre and post tested to ensure improvement. Eleven Bridge Connection youth participate in the Take Stock in Children Scholarship/mentoring program and The Bridge staff provides support and coaching.