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Job Skills Training


Please consider investing in The Bridge so that we can continue building bridges connecting young people to opportunities in Jacksonville.

Why You Need to Support The Bridge:

Your investment in The Bridge goes to sustain our vital programs helping thousands of Jacksonville’s children and teens stay in school and receive the opportunities they need to: achieve academic assistance; learn job skills; have a mentor and a summer job; participate in pregnancy prevention education; receive dental care and mental health counseling and have a student advocate assist in removing barriers keeping them from success.

Research shows why Bridge services are so important.

  • One in four public school children drop out before they finish high school. For African-American and Hispanics, the graduation rates could be as low as 50%.1
  • In Florida, just 37% of black males graduated from high school compared with 57% of white males. In Duval County, it is 23%.2
  • The economic repercussions of the graduation crisis could hardly be more severe. More than 1 million students did not graduate from high school in 2010; the lost lifetime earnings for this class of dropouts alone will total $337 billion.3
  • Only four in 10 young people participate in high-quality activities that teach those needed skills, how to form lasting relationships with others, and how to make big decisions.4
  • 60% of 10 to 21 year olds say their schools should give them more preparation for the real world.5

The Bridge is an America's Promise Place, named by the America's Promise Alliance in 2009. We deliver the First Alliance Promises:

*Caring Adults *Safe Places *A Healthy Start *An effective education *Opportunities to help others

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