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Street Address:
1824 N. Pearl Street Jacksonville, FL 32206

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 43126 Jacksonville, FL 32203-3126

General Information 
Phone: 904-354-7799  Fax: 904-354-6352

After School Programs
Phone:  904-354-7799 ext. 150

Interim Chief of External Affairs
Phone: 904-354-7799 ext. 143

Media Inquiries
Phone: 904-354-7799 ext. 143

Bridge to Success 
Phone: 904-354-7799 ext. 177

Volunteer Opportunities
Phone: 904-354-7799 ext. 146

For specific program information, please refer to our Staff Page for a list of programs and program managers.

If you wish to contact The Bridge for further information, please send an email to